Big Data Consulting


We live in a data intensive world and having a distributed scalable architecture is a must in order to have an always-available, fast and flexible system capable of handling the ever-changing real-world needs (peaks, growth, unexpected events, etc.). Our data engineering team can help you design and implement a reliable and highly scalable production environment.

If you already have a distributed environment, we use messaging to integrate with the existing data and infrastructure. In case your current production environment is not modular and cannot support integration through messaging, we can help you migrate towards a more flexible and reliable system design that will allow for lower maintenance costs and easier expansion/evolution of your core technical assets.

Performance is crucial for mission-critical systems and time-sensitive decision making. Having a near real-time analytics capability allows for process automation and truly lean business decision capability. For real-time data processing, we use a combination of distributed messaging and parallel data processing.

Reliability is achieved by using event-driven fault-tolerant architecture. Since data replication and redundancy are inherent to distributed architecture, the fault-tolerant feature ensures that your most vital systems are always available, delivering the promise to your customers.

Distributed system architecture also allows for easy scaling by simply adding more hardware resources while software takes care of integrating and managing additional computational resources (server nodes) - while yielding the power of multiple resources (nodes) for data-intensive computations that are always available (a.k.a. high availability architecture).