Meet our new Data Scientist: Dusan Randjelovic


Meet our new Data Scientist: Dusan Randjelovic

By Sanja Hajdukovic

Big Data Novi Sad Meetup this Thursday

This Thursday, 07.12.2017. Big Data Novi Sad Meetup will take place at Startit C ...

By Bojan Kovac

Meet our new Data Science Intern: Ljubica

We are proud to announce that we have a new member in SmartCat Data Science team ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat at Big Data Spain

Hola amigos! We are excited and honored to be part of Big Data Spain conference ...

By Bojan Kovac

Come see our face recognition software Facelyzr

We are excited and honored to be part of the next Data Science Serbia meetup in ...

By Bojan Kovac

We're off to Spark Summit Europe 2017

You gotta love autumn! It's the conference season! It's time to travel, learn ne ...

By Bojan Kovac

See you at Crunch Conference this week!

  It's that time of the year, it's time for Crunch Conference in Budapest! We' ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat will be at ODSC London next week!

Continuing in the spirit of learning new things, meeting new people and sharing ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat just turned 2 years

  Last weekend we celebrated our second anniversary with our team and their fam ...

By Bojan Kovac

Meet our new Data Scientist: Nina Marjanovic

We are proud to announce that Nina Marjanovic has decided to join the team of ou ...

By Bojan Kovac

New Challenger added to our Data Engineering team: Aleksandar Pejakovic

Aleksandar has joined SmartCat this month and he comes with strong backend devel ...

By Aleksandar Pejakovic

T.G.I.M. (Thank God It's Monday)

For some reason, at each company I worked before it was always Friday that was t ...

By Bojan Kovac

Another SmartCat Consultant Cassandra Certified!

By now you all have figured it out - we are all about bettering ourselves at Sma ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat joins Data Science Serbia organization

We are happy to announce that SmartCat has officially become a member of Data Sc ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat @ UseR! Conference

Last week SmartCat data science team presented our improved implementation of co ...

By Bojan Kovac

Challenges of Monitoring Distributed Systems @ Berlin Buzzwords

Happy Tuesday everyone! Two weeks ago our co-founder, Nenad Bozic, held a prese ...

By Bojan Kovac

Explaining Neural Networks at GDG Novi Sad

  Ever wanted to know more about neural networks and their use?  Don't miss an ...

By Bojan Kovac

Apache Spark Certified!

SmartCat team just got wiser! We are happy to announce that our colleague, Stef ...

By Bojan Kovac

We welcome our new team member - Sanja Hajdukovic

SmartCat team just got stronger! After a decade of working in the financial sec ...

By Bojan Kovac

Team Building Rafting Weekend

This past weekend we went rafting on Tara river and it was a blast! What better ...

By Bojan Kovac

See you at the useR! Conference

Our Data Scientist Stefan Nikolic will be presenting his work at useR! conferenc ...

By Bojan Kovac

Big Data NS Meetup: Happy Hour Hangout

On Thursday, April 27th we will host a happy hour meetup where we can all relax, ...

By Bojan Kovac

A new challenger added to our Big Data team: Vladimir Vajda

Vladimir comes from backend development Java world and has Big Plans with Big Da ...

By Bojan Kovac

Data Science Serbia Meetup Tonight!

Tonight at 6:15pm at StartIt center Novi Sad an interesting Data Science Serbia ...

By Bojan Kovac

Meet our new Data Scientist: Stanko Kuveljic

Ladies and gentlemen! We are very pleased to introduce our newest Data Science ...

By Bojan Kovac

We are presenting at Apache Big Data North America

Come to Apache Big Data North America in May in Miami and hear our co-founder Ne ...

By Bojan Kovac

Data Science Serbia Meetup: SmartCat presents...

On Monday, 13th of March, our Data Scientist Stefan Nikolic will present his opt ...

By Bojan Kovac

A new challenger added to our Big Data team: Nebojsa Arezina

We would like to welcome our new technical consultant: Nebojsa Arezina.Nebojsa h ...

By Bojan Kovac

Meet our new Data Science Consultant: Goran S. Milovanovic, PhD

We are pleased to announce that Goran S. Milovanovic, PhD has joined SmartCat te ...

By Bojan Kovac

Two day Apache Spark Training Seminar

We are organizing a two day Apache Spark trianing seminar in Novi Sad (February ...

By Bojan Kovac

Big Data NS Meetup: Structured Streaming in Spark

For our next meetup event we have prepared something very special for all of you ...

By Bojan Kovac

Next Big Data NS Meetup: Titan vs. Ranger

On Thursday, 26.01.2017. we will host a Big Data NS meetup where you will have a ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat @ FTN

Today we had a chance to spend some time with students of "Applied Computer Scie ...

By Nenad Bozic

SmartCat is hiring!

 SmartCat is looking to fill a: Big Data Engineer Position   What we’re looki ...

By Bojan Kovac

Big Data NS Meetup: Drinks and Talks

Are you in Novi Sad area? Do you work on Big Data projects or wish to find out m ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat: Offical Datastax Consulting Partner

We are very excited and proud to announce that SmartCat is now officially a cons ...

By Bojan Kovac

MongoDB Certification in the house!

SmartCat team just got another "medal of honor". We now have MongoDB Certified e ...

By Bojan Kovac

Big Data NS Meetup this week: Akka

Come join us at Poslovni Inkubator Novi Sad this Thursday,  20th of October for ...

By Bojan Kovac

Presenting at Data Science Conference 2.0

Come to Data Science Conference 2.0 this Wednesday (12th of October) in Belgrade ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat is now a Confluent partner

SmartCat Partners with Confluent to Bring Enterprise Data Streaming to SMEs  Sm ...

By Bojan Kovac

A new challenger added to our Big Data team: Dejan Mijic

SmartCat team just got a whole lot wiser! We would like to welcome Dejan Mijic ...

By Bojan Kovac

Hear us talk at Voxxed Days Belgrade

Our Cassandra MVP, Matija Gobec, will be speaking at the Voxxed Days Belgrade co ...

By Bojan Kovac

One more Cassandra Summit is behind us

We have one more Cassandra Summit behind us. Being in the Bay Area and seeing pe ...

By Nenad Bozic

Enter Kafka Streams Meetup

Join us on Thursday, September 15th and learn about Kafka Streams - a Kafka-comp ...

By Bojan Kovac

Awarded Cassandra MVP 2016-2017 status!

  "The cat's out of the bag!" Two SmartCat senior consultants will be awarded C ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat advised by Mihajlo Grbovic, PhD

Mihjalo Grbovic, PhD will serve as SmartCat Data Science advisor. Mihajlo got hi ...

By Bojan Kovac

We're presenting at Cassandra Summit

Come hear us talk at Cassandra Summit in September! Matija Gobec will be sharin ...

By Bojan Kovac

A new challenger added to our data science team: Stefan Nikolic

SmartCat just got stronger, wiser, better! Stefan Nikolic has joined our advanc ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat at Cassandra meetup in Amsterdam

SmartCat will be presenting at Netherlands Cassandra Users - by DataStax Meetup ...

By Bojan Kovac

A new challenger added to our big data team: Milan Milosevic

SmartCat just got stronger, wiser, better! Milan Milosevic has joined our big d ...

By Bojan Kovac

Ad targeting in the wild (and data science behind it)

On Friday, June 3rd, we have a very special speaker coming from Silicon Valley t ...

By Bojan Kovac

Push the limits. Grow with us.

Are you a SmartCat? If you like to keep learning, if you like to keep growing, p ...

By Bojan Kovac

"Data Science Serbia" Meetup

One of our co-founders, Nenad Bozic, will be talking about Cassandra database an ...

By Nenad Bozic

A new challenger added to our core team: Nikola Ivancevic

SmartCat just got stronger, wiser, better! Nikola Ivancevic has joined our core ...

By Bojan Kovac

Next Meetup: Elasticsearch & geolocation

We are throwing the next Big Data Novi Sad Meetup event on Friday, March 11th. C ...

By Bojan Kovac

Big Data Novi Sad Meetup

On Friday 19th of February, 2016 we organized a first-ever Meetup gathering of D ...

By Bojan Kovac

SmartCat has a new home!

May we have your attention please! Ahem... (drumroll) We are very excited to ann ...

By Bojan Kovac

Crunch Conference 2015

We are so excited, few more days until Crunch Conference in Budapest, a practica ...

By Nenad Bozic

Geekstone Meetup

One of our co-founders, Nenad Bozic, will be talking about Functional testing of ...

By Nenad Bozic

Coding Serbia Meetup

One of our co-founders, Matija Gobec, will be talking about distributed systems ...

By Matija Gobec

We got Certified!

Today was a first day of Cassandra Summit in San Francisco, and it was great for ...

By Nenad Bozic

Sponsors at Coding Serbia

We would like to share our excitement with you. This October we will be a part o ...

By Bojan Kovac

Cassandra summit 2015

We are excited for the upcoming Cassandra Summit in San Francisco, the biggest N ...

By Matija Gobec

We're Getting Certified!

We are pleased to announce that SmartCat will be one of the first companies in t ...

By Bojan Kovac

On this day

On this day the news that we’ve decided to open our own company may not be inter ...

By Nenad Bozic