SmartCat just turned 2 years

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Last weekend we celebrated our second anniversary with our team and their families.

It's amazing how this time zoomed by and how far we've come in such relatively short period of time.

The day of the party I woke up with a smile and excitement - it's time to celebrate!

I believe that organizations have a lot of semantics in common with the individuals.

Early childhood is essential in defining us as adults - so are the first years of a company. They say that every beginning is hard - beggining is just another way of phrasing "change" in my opinion. And no change is easy - but that's where the progress happens and new value is created. It has certainly been a roller coaster ride and it will continue to be so. If the time comes when this stops, it will be the moment we have stopped changing, challenging and evolving - that would be the begging of our end. I have no doubt in my heart that this day will never come.

Two years ago it was three of us founders sitting at the small office at Novi Sad Business Incubator. We had an idea of what we want to achieve, we had a vision. Looking back it's amusing to notice how much we didn't know - how much our vision, strategy and positioning have evolved since then and continue to do so.

Fast forward to today, we have gathered a group of trully remarkable people around the world - people that want to challenge and change current ways. People that from day to day invest their time and energy to better themselves, better the lives of people around them, and impact the world in a positive way. We are working on cutting-edge projects that can see eye to eye with Silicone Valley companies. We are traveling the world (from client sites to conferences), sharing our knowledge via presentations at meetups, OSS projects and our blog. We are also buillding a unique company culture that is based on candid communication, common goals and freedom - freedom that allows for self-organization, improved work-life balance and ultimatelly, happiness.

Our client portfolio now contains some of the globaly recognized brands, we have grown our strategic partner network across Europe and US. Our internship program is providing unique opportunity for Data Science students to intern at SmartCat. Through this program we've gathered some of the brightest young minds Faculty of Novi Sad has to offer. Our data engineering dapartment has also grown and we continue to master fast data processing technologies through formal education, certifications and projects we do.

And this is only the beggining... How exciting! :)

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Bojan Kovac

A computer science graduate with over 10 years of experience managing software projects and product development while leading organizational changes towards operational maturity and efficiency.