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When running a website, web store, marketplace or a social network, you want to be able to learn from your customers’ clicks, searches and conversions, as well as to analyze and visualize different aspects of your business, including the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns, customer support, sales teams, etc. Insights derived from such analyses and visualizations can be extremely valuable and help you grow and succeed.

To achieve this goal, companies invest in collecting and storing their business data, typically at different places. But even once all that data warehousing is in place, making sense of collected data can be extremely challenging and at times scary.

Imagine the possibility of being able to pull in all that data in one place, visualize it, build and share custom interactive dashboards, slice and dice visualizations by various parameters (e.g. days, countries, products), all without having to code. SmartCat Business Analytics with Superset provides just that and more. For more details, visit our website.

 Also, SmartCat Business Analytics  is part of our services (solutions) and we want to present what we are doing and what is our key to success.

The holistic approach to quality and everyday hard work aimed at developing services that it provides to clients are our key to success . We have a proven ability to manage projects ranging from small local deployments to global enterprise deployments.  Delivering great AI projects requires a team of people with a mix of capabilities and experience, deep understanding of the underlying technologies and a repeatable way of creating innovative solutions. Our team is working hard to provide the highest standard of services that we offer.

Our services include a wide range of activities, and we can classify them into 4 categories:  advisory, implementation, solutions and process.

This time, we would like to recommend a fresh and very actual BLOG on our website, Are you ready for AI, by Nenad Bozic, Co-founder & CEO.

Dear clients and friends, if you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below or send us an e-mail; our experts are there for you.


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