CEO Nenad just joined the board at Data Science Serbia

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Good news: our CEO Nenad just joined the board at Data Science Serbia. Without getting too much into it, it’s a strong signal that the Data scene in Serbia is not only growing but thriving. Here’s what the co-founder Branko Kovač, writing for, put so nicely:

Data Science Serbia was founded four years ago as a meeting place for all people who are dealing with or want to deal with data. Through meetups and courses we organized in the previous period, we were able to bring together a large number of data professionals and help the Data Science profession gain in popularity among individuals and organizations.

We, the founders of Data science Serbia, believe that this profession has one of the most important roles in the digitization of society. For this reason, through further professionalization of Data Science Serbia's work, we are raising our organization's capabilities to a new level. The first step in this direction is the formation of a new Board of Directors of the organization.

We invited a group of IT professionals and business people who were already engaged in various ways that help popularize data science in Serbia to join us to work together and further develop the community. We want to bring together Data Science institutions, companies and professionals to work together so we can improve the quality of business and daily life through digitization.

In the coming period, the new Board of Directors of the organization will define the main goals and action plan for the community development, and transparently share all relevant information with the whole community. The Board of Directors of Data Science Serbia consists of:

  • Branko Kovač, Founder, Logikka
  • Darko Marjanović, CEO, Things Solver
  • Miloš Milovanović, CTO, Things Solver
  • Natali Delić, CTO, Vip Mobile
  • Kosta Andrić, Managing Partner, ICT Hub
  • Ilija Šuša, Co-Founder, Content Insights
  • Nenad Božić, CEO, SmartCat
  • Bojan Sovilj, Founder, Cloudwalker
  • Aleksandar Linc-Đorđević, President, ISN (Data Science Conference)

We thank Natalie, Bone, Elijah, Nenad, Bojan and Alexander for joining us to build together the digital future of Serbia through the development of the Data Science Community of Serbia.

Founders of Data Science Serbia,
Branko Kovač
Darko Marjanović
Milos Milovanovic
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Nenad Bozic

Co-founder & CEO

Software engineer with more than 10 years of experience currently focused on data intensive systems. Certified Cassandra developer and Datastax MVP for Apache Cassandra for 2016/2017. Strong believer in balance between good technical skills and soft skills. Striving for knowledge is his main drive, which is why he enjoys learning new tools and languages, blogging, working on open source, presenting.