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Occasionally, the SmartCat team likes to escape from the city and awake its creativity at an inspirational place, where we discuss many topics, set a goals and strategies, and also promote some new ideas interesting even for our clients and guests.

This time we chose Mokrin House, as an ideal destination, where we stayed on 7th and 8th February and where we always feel fantastic. During these two days we organized the work in two stages. First of all, we held a conference for our guests, where we organized a lot of interesting presentations of different topics, and also on the second day we held an internal conference where we talked about strategically important topics regarding our company.

When talking about an external conference where we were hosted our guests, I would highlight the presentation of our Sanja, where she presented Optimus Power.

“Optimus Power is software that, based on data collected in real time, provides detailed information on both current energy consumption and predicted consumption, all thanks to an advanced forecasting system. Furthermore, the system records anomalies, like excess in consumption or outliers in temperature or various system malfunctions, all of which are dependent on a season or time-of-day. With all this information Optimus Power enables the user to optimize HVAC consumption with no additional costs for complicated hardware.”

Also, we are happy to announce our third appearance at the event organized by European Data Incubator in the final experimental phase of this extraordinary project.

In the internal part of the conference, it is important to point out that we were talking about Data Science Trends in 2019, as well as Company goals for 2019 and other important topics related to the development of our company.

Great job team!


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