Tell us about the issues we need to resolve with a high-level description of your business case and environment setup. We will have a problem clarification call. In a scheduled call with one of the consultants we meet each other, go over the problem we need to address and go through some additional questions to help us gauge the job at hand and assign the right expert to your project.


Either at your office or remotely from our offices, we review the existing documentation, analyze your setup, ask additional questions and ultimately produce a deliverable (blueprint document with architecture proposal, reasoning behind each step and plan how to build proposed system).

Proof of Concept

Previous phases gave us plan, requirements for end solution and we have defined set of features for minimum viable product. We now move to implementation phase, where we plan to use our areas of expertise to help you get to something concrete. We will work in agile fashion with you to create PoC which you can demo to potential clients to validate your idea.


Going from proof of concept to production ready feature complete solution is big step. Good thing is that you validated proof of concept and we now know that this is worthwhile investment. We will work with you with our team of data scientists, data engineers and devops to bring necessary stability, robustness and scalability so product can end in production.