Why SmartCat

What it means to be a SmartCat...

It means loving the challenge. It means knowing deep in your heart that there is no problem that cannot be solved. Because you’ve done it before, time and time again. Because that’s the meaning of life, to keep on pushing, to keep learning, to keep growing. Being a SmartCat is all about proving to yourself that you can do it, especially if everyone around you tell you it’s impossible. Being driven, being thirsty for knowledge, hungry for the answers.

We are here to fight ignorance and uphold the enlightenment. We are not afraid of making mistakes - they will only make us grow. We have nothing to hide and everything to gain. Embrace the change, lead the way, adapt, learn, grow.


  • Quality

    The only true currency... of everything! Here’s how we obtain it: People: Super-selective hiring, careful resource planning and training programs encompassing both technical and soft skills Projects: A thought-out project selection process ensures both company strategy and individual professional development goals are being fulfilled. Motivation flourishes and it shows in the work we do Internal processes and training: Based on best practices from today’s leaders in project management, communication and human psychology

  • Understanding

    Understanding the client use case and business is the basis for project success. There is no "silver bullet" solution and each technology was made for a certain use case - this is why we are technology agnostic and always keep in mind the business motivators and scenarios to evaluate the technical solution at hand. Our experts also keep in mind the future needs of your growing business, thus always thinking ahead providing you that piece of mind that comes with scalable systems when they're implemented right.

  • Communication

    Proactive, clear communication and documentation practices are how we impress our clients. We are often described as "easy to work with" and "on top of it". We aim to impress each of our clients with our level of professionalism, responsiveness and quick turn-around.

  • Sharing

    Learning is exciting. But sharing the knowledge is elevating! We contribute by sharing our home-grown tools as OSS Projects on GitHub, Lecturing at conferences world-wide, organizing local Big Data Meetup each month and actively writing blog posts.